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A Few of Our Favorite Spots:

  • New Orleans Museum of Art

  • Race and Religious

  • Marigny Opera House

  • Contemporary Arts Center

  • Ogden Museum of Southern Art

  • Gallier Hall

  • The Soniat House

  • The Herman Grima House

  • The Beauregard-Keyes House

  • Maison Montague

  • Evergreen Plantation

  • The Cabildo + Presbytere

  • The Benachi House

  • Mardi Gras World

  • Pharmacy Museum

  • New Orleans Women’s Opera Guild

  • The Terrell House

  • Basin Street Station

  • Longue View Garden

  • Generations Hall

  • The Sugar Mill

  • Lafitte Guest House + Frenchmen Hotel

  • Felicity Church

Saveur Catering start prices are the Fallowing:


Saveur Catering is a boutique catering company serving New Orleans and the surrounding areas.  We offer local, seasonal, farm to table menus for events large and small. Our long-standing relationships with local farmers ensure that we bring the best of the market to your table. A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to using locally sourced produce and sustainably raised meats and fish.

Our menus are created by Chef Melissa Araujo and her talented team of restaurant-trained chefs using beautiful, seasonal ingredients sourced from local artisans and farmers across Louisiana and the South.

Food will be one of your major wedding costs — typically, the catering bill accounts for 45 to 50 percent of the total wedding budget. The first big choice you'll make as you plan your dinner is how to serve your guests. Back in the day, couples pretty much had two choices: a sit-down dinner or a buffet. But nowadays, there are so many more options to explore when deciding how to serve your reception meal. To help you figure out the best serving style for your celebration, we've outlined the five most popular meal options


 What it is: A plated, sit-down dinner is considered the most traditional and formal option as each guest is individually served a plated meal. Typically, guests are served three courses: appetizer, entrée, and dessert (sometimes a fourth course—an intermezzo or amuse bouche—is added before the entrée). Caterers will usually give guests a choice of two (or three) entrées, which they select beforehand; another option is to serve each guest two proteins, such as meat and fish, on one plate (sometimes called a "duet" plate).

Buffet Dinner

What it is: Food stations are set up on long tables where guests can walk along and serve themselves. Another option is to have servers stationed behind the buffet table serving each dish. A buffet-style reception is usually considered the most casual style of meal service.

Food Stations Dinner   

What it is: A station-style reception is one where the food is spread out among different "stations" throughout the reception space. For example, there may be one area that is a carving station, a raw bar, a tapas station, a dessert station, and so forth. The portions served at each station are typically on the smaller side, usually requiring just two or three bites to finish.

Family- Style Dinner                              

    What it is: Similar to a sit-down dinner, a family-style reception has guests assigned to specific dinner tables and waiters to bring the food to the table. Large portions of the dinner offerings are placed on each table on serving platters for guests to fill their own plates (it's just like sitting down for dinner at home with your family!).


Cocktail Style Reception Dinner   

What it is: A more recent trend, a cocktail-style reception features hors d'oeuvres and other small bites offered all evening long in lieu of a sit-down meal. The hors d'oeuvres are usually one- or two-bite portions and can be a combination of hot and cold options. The hors d'oeuvres can be passed by servers or stationary for guests to get themselves. This reception style is a good choice for couples wanting a more casual atmosphere and for their guests to really mingle and meet each other


A special thanks to Melissa and her team for catering our New Orleans wedding. The food was amazing. Melissa has exquisite creativity and flawless execution. It was a pleasure to plan the menu with her, during which she was a seemingly endless source of ideas. On the day, the food and staff was nothing short of excellent. Professional and prepared, Melissa was in touch with me throughout the day. Upon arrival, her team seamlessly overcame a few last minute changes. As the bride and coordinator, I appreciated Saveur Catering’s capable performance – I did not spend a moment worrying about the food. Our families continue to rave about the food. Overall, it was a delicious, impeccable experience for our guests.

IMG_0459 2.JPG

Menu Breakfast November 13


This menu was created for the Photo Shoot Men fall for the New York Time Magazine.

Regular menu

Scramble  egg , pork sausage , homemade hash brown , homemade biscuits

With all the condemned , home made jam , Tabasco , ketchup , Butter etc

Vegan menu

Smoothie bowl

In a mason jar , mango , avocado , ginger , baby spinach date , matcha green tea all blended together and for topping diced mango , granola , blueberry ,

Avocado toast platter

Fruit salad bowl

Fresh artisan pastries

Beverage bar :  Coffee , Orange juice , tea , water , sodas

Lunch Nov 13

Vegan menu

Cauliflower and Butternut Thai Curry

Regular menu

Herb chicken breast

With roasted Brussels Sprouts and baby carrots  and wild rice


Sprint mix ,  roasted sage butternut squash , cherry heirloom tomatoes , candy walnuts, with a balsamic vinaigrette


Chai pumpkin cake with maple browned butter frosting

Breakfast Nov 14

Regular menu

Breakfast Sandwich grilled cheeses  with soft scrambled eggs and prosciutto ham with pesto

Vegan Menu

Vegan Overnight Oats , with fresh fruit

Avocado toast platter

Fruit salad bowl

Fresh artisan pastries

Beverage bar : Coffee , Orange juice , tea , water, sodas

Lunch Nov 14

Vegan menu

Speedy veggie Noodle Bowl with a Homemade Teriyaki sauce

Regular menu

Korean Grilled Steak with toasted sesame chimichurri

Baby Arugula, pear , candy walnuts , cherry tomatoes, red onions, with a citrus vinaigrette  and Spanish rice with seasonal veggies

Summer sale

Cherry heirloom tomatoes , cucumber , red onions , roasted  eggplant with citrus vinaigrette


Double the streusel apple butter bars



Saveur Catering offers meticulous planning and culinary expertise. We are ready to help you create a memorable event. Our focus is on personalizing each event to fit your needs. This allows you to leave the details to us.  Our reputation is built on our personalized service, our special attention to detail and our use of fresh ingredients. Whether small luncheons or elegant affairs, your event will be something special and long remembered. Our menus are customized to insure your event makes a personal statement.  We also deliver hot lunches 










  • Nike Photo Shoot

  • Southern Food & Beverage Museum

  • Dickie Sports Goods

  • The Julia Jump Event (Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans )

  • New York Times Magazine


Private Chef 

meals prepared in your home -- too busy to cook? i'll do the menu development, shopping and preparation of fresh, delicious meals for you and your family. each meal consists of a main course paired with appropriate side dishes. on the agreed upon cook date i'll come to your home, bringing fresh ingredients and all of the necessary equipment. when i leave your kitchen will be spotless, your refrigerator will be full of delicious meals to enjoy throughout the week and your home will be filled with the aroma of home cooking! 

catering -- do you have a special occasion to celebrate? whether it's an intimate dinner party with friends or cocktails and hors d'oeuvres for one hundred,saveur Catering will make it an event to remember. we'll work with you to create a menu featuring the best of the season's offerings that will be visually tantalizing and delicious. we'll do all of the shopping, organizing, preparation, service and clean-up leaving you to enjoy the festivities. you'll feel like a guest in your own home! 

culinary instruction

  • how about a cooking party? i'll bring all of the food and equipment to your home. we'll work together to create a fabulous meal. we'll dice, julienne, puree, deglaze and, of course, eat! it will be an event your friends will really remember! 
  • tired of preparing the same meals over and over? ready to learn some new skills? i will come to your home and we'll cook together. i'll provide instruction throughout the preparation. you'll learn a lot and we'll have fun! you and your family will enjoy the dishes we've prepared together. 

i welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a memorable culinary event! 



Whether it’s a large annual retreat, corporate seminar or small team conference, fine food combined with world-class service from saveur Catering will keep your attendees alert and satisfied. We’ve simplified your event planning by putting together proven combinations for flexible luncheons, inspired break options and all-day beverage assortments. Rely on Saveur  Catering for your next meeting and enjoy the success – guaranteed.


chef table

The smell entices as you step into the kitchen. The setting invites you to relax and prepare for a culinary journey. Your stomach begs to be fed, filled with local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients. For lunch or dinner, the multi course Chef’s Table, specially prepared for you, showcases Chef Melissa Araujo’s technique, skill, and passion. Two to three hours in our kitchen will leave you full of more than food and wine, but the knowledge to recreate your own chef’s table. Available as our introduction to Saveur Catering and for almost any event* 4 times per week for up to 6 guest in the Southern Food and Beverage Museum** or we can travel to you. Are you ready to join our Chef’s Table?

The price is $250 for up to 2 guest and $500 for up to 4 guest inclusive of meal, tax, and bottle of wine or signature cocktail.

If we travel to you it is $300 for 2 guest and $600 for 4 guest inclusive of meal, tax, and bottle of wine or signature cocktail.


The Southern Food & Beverage Museum is a nonprofit living history organization dedicated to the discovery, understanding and celebration of the food, drink and the related culture of the South. While based in New Orleans, the Museum examines and celebrates all the cultures that have come together through the centuries to create the South’s unique culinary heritage. SoFAB also hosts special exhibits, demonstrations, lectures and tastings that showcase the food and drink of the South.

We examine:

  • The food and drink of the American South in all its aspects;
  • The many ethnicities – African-American and Caribbean, French and German, etc. -- that have combined to create unique Southern food and drink traditions;
  • The farmers, fishermen, and hunters and gatherers who have produced the food;
  • The processors, inventors, chefs and business people who run the restaurants and stock our stores with Southern products, and the home cooks and families who have passed down recipes and food traditions for generations.

Lousiana Cuisine 

We Bring Test of  Louisiana  to You

Using only the freshest seafood directly from the docks,Saveur  Catering  a succulent seafood boil complete with corn, potatoes and all the fixings. Our specialty is CRAWFISH  but we also offer SHRIMP and CRAB boils.


Louisiana favorites are the staples of our menu, including the authentic cochon de lait (pig roast), red beans and rice, fresh oysters on the half shell or charbroiled, chicken and sausage gumbo, or steaming fresh jambalaya we cook on site. Saveur Catering is a full service, on or off-site catering company, who brings the party directly to you. We can supply everything you need down to the last napkin and cup. No party is too big or too small. Saveur Catering  brings a bona fide South Louisiana tradition to your doorstep and hosts a mouthwatering party you will not soon forget.


Cochon de Lait Package
On-site or Delivered Hot

30-60 LB pig cooked off/site presented whole or picked
Baked Beans
Cole Slaw
Paper Towels
Three 5ft Tables with Covers
2 Staff Members
Staffed or Dropped Off

Standard On-Site
Crawfish, Shrimp or Crab Boil

Crawfish, Shrimp or Crab
Lemon , Oranges , Garlic & Saveur Catering  spices
Potatoes, Corn  , Sausages & Extra Veggies Upon Request (extra cost)
Paper trays & Towels
Pirogue “boat” for serving
3 5ft tables with Covers
2   Staff Members
Boiled on/site