We Can Also Stock Your Trailers With a Gourmet Basket Of Requested Goodies!

Customized Craft Service Packages also available.

Please Note: All payments must be paid in advance

Main Monitor: $360.00 per 12 hour day (mandatory for craft services) 

Assistant Monitor: $360.00 per 12 hour day (required for 60 + people)

*Additional Hours: $20.00 for the 1st hour, $30.00 for the 2nd hour, $30.00 for the 3rd hour, $35.00 for the 4th hour and so on* 

Shopping & Prep Fee: $100.00 per day

Equipment Kit: $100.00 per day (includes: 2 six foot tables, tablecloths, coffee makers, air pots, tea kettles, coolers and ice, trays, baskets, bowls, utensils, napkins, coffee cups with lids and stirrers, plastic cups, serving utensils and also includes an emergency First Aid kit) 

Delivery Drop Off Fee With Disposable Containers: $100.00 per day

Delivery Drop Off Fee and Replenishment: $150.00 per day (includes set-up and breakdown and a caterer/monitor is scheduled to come in a few times a day to replenish and refresh)


Production catering and Craft service for feature films, television, music videos, commercials, photo shoots and live events. If you happen to be planning a film or production shoot in the New Orleans or greater surrounding area, give us a call today! ( 504-982-8361 or )

Craft Service Packages


$20.00 p/p- minimum of 15 people

Local Roasted Coffee (french Truck ), assorted imported teas ( Rishi ), assorted beverages (canned sodas, bottled water . assorted cereals, oatmeal, Artisan pastries, fresh fruit, pretzels and chips, granola bars, tortilla chips/ (homemade ) salsa, dips, nuts, cookies, candies, trail mix and dried fruit. *Items will vary and a daily equipment kit fee applies*


$25.00 p/p- minimum of 15 people

Includes "Craft Service Take 1" and also includes: , fresh baked bagels, with butter, cream cheese, homemade jams. artisan cheese , Meats , and crackers board, yogurts, chocolate covered pretzels, apple juice, italian sodas ( san peregrino ) . *Items will vary and a daily equipment kit fee applies*


$30.00 p/p- minimum of 15 people

Includes "Craft Service Take 2" and also includes: a more organic selection; energy drinks, premium water (fiji ), bagels and fresh lox, an assortment of imported olives and peppers with cheese and housemade meats , higher end trail mix, homemade gourmet dips, tortilla chips/guacamole, homemade cookies, deviled eggs, beef and turkey jerky *Items will vary and a daily equipment kit fee applies*