The refined cuisine, gracious hospitality, and celebrated wine and cocktail programs that Chef Melissa Araujo has worked with provide the inspiration for Saveur Catering.  Whether you are hosting an intimate dinner party for ten in your home, a backyard graduation celebration,a corporate luncheon, or a wedding reception for 200, our team of talented chefs and event planners will work with you to create a memorable affair.

Our Concept is Simple, use the best ingredients possible.  “Farm to table” is our mission and we only use ingredientssourced from local Louisiana farmers and other farm operations located throughout the South. We bring locally grown food directly from the source to you.  

"Saveur Catering is deeply authentic . We create delicious,healthy dishes featuring homegrown ingredients and artisanal products such as cheese, preserves, and cured meats made on the property.
The beauty and flavor of this food originates from the natural rhythms of the farms, reflected in the eight "time," or seasons, that allows cooks to coax the heads dishes out of whats's fresh and best."
                                           - Chef Melissa Araujo

Christilisa Gilmore

Director Sales 

christilisa Gilmore.jpg

Hi y'all let said hi to the news member of the Family! We love having her. Christilisa “Missy" Gilmore is an Alabama girl who spent time in Ohio before moving to New Orleans to attend Loyola University New Orleans. After graduating with a degree in Music Industry Studies, she decided the music business wasn't for her. She turned her focus to the tourism, hospitality, and travel industry which she has worked in for over a decade in operations, sales, and event planning and coordinating. In addition to rocking sales for Saveur Catering, she owns a boutique music travel company, is a certified travel associate, and curates experiences for her lifestyle brand


Melissa Araujo 

Executive Chef and  Owner 


Melissa Araujo was board in La Ceiba , Atlatidad  Honduras  a small beach town in Atlantic Coast of Honduras. She spent summers fishing, and helping her Grandmother with the farm animals  in the fall she was back to New Orleans were life was different but exciting in every way. Life , Family inspired Melissa  to enter the culinary industry and after working in local restaurants right out of high school, She decided to focus all of her time on becoming a chef. 

Melissa has work  with 

1999 to 2005 Melissa from in Milan, Italy , 2011 Melissa work at Mondos Restaurant for Chef Susan Spicer (James Beard Award winner for best Chef in South ) 2012 she joined the team for R'evolution Restaurant for John F0lse & Rick Tramonto.

2013 She work has Sous Chef Doris Metropolitan. 2015 She work for Chef Alon Shaya at Dominica Restaurant & Shaya Restaurant. (2015 James Beard award winner best Chef in the South ) . 2013 Melissa Brought to life Saveur Catering LLC  and 2015  Melissa Brought to lifeAlma pop-up restaurant focus in Hondurans Cuisine. 

When Melissa has free time, you can find her at the beach with her two dogs Charlotte & Maximilian or traveling.

Angela Griffitt


Angela Griffitt, sales associate for Saveur Catering with Chef Melissa Araujo, has been working extensively in the food and beverage industry for 5 years. Her experience ranges from bartending and serving at multiple fine dining restaurants and world-renowned museums to bridal assisting at high-end event halls. Having graduated with honors the summer of 2017, Angela earned her B.A. in Theatre Performance and double minored in Spanish and Sociology all within the span of just 3 years. Residing in the greater New Orleans area, Angela often immerses herself as well as participates in the rich artistic culture that surrounds her; she is passionate about the diverse food industry as well as the theatre and film industry in the one of a kind city of New Orleans.


Director Catering 



Chef de la Cuisine