Hot Breakfast

Breakfast Extras

$3.50 per person · maple sausage links · honey-cured bacon · grilled Virginia ham slices · turkey bacon · beef sausage · home fries · potato pancakes


serves 15 California GF farm-fresh eggs baked with smoked salmon, green onions, California asparagus, golden Yukon potatoes and Monterey Jack cheese $56.00 each

Ham Florentine GF

farm fresh eggs baked with Virginia ham, Swiss cheese, sautéed spinach, roasted tomato and onions $54.00 each

The Roast V GF

farm-fresh eggs baked with roasted zucchini, red onions, sweet bell peppers, plum tomatoes and dilled havarti cheese $52.00 each


Rise and Shine hickory smoked bacon, egg and cheddar cheese on an home-made bistte $7.75 per person

The Old Town

Virginia cured ham, egg and Swiss cheese on a flaky croissant $6.75 per person

Belgian Sunrise

maple sausage, egg and brie cheese between two Belgian waffles $6.75 per person


egg whites, spinach, mushrooms and provolone cheese on an English muffin $5.75 per person


served with homemade salsa $6.95 each

Cajun Craze

a spiced tortilla filled with Cajun spiced shrimp with roasted green and red peppers, green onions, sharp yellow cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs

South of the Border

flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, sweet roasted peppers and Monterey Jack cheese


chili tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, flat iron steak, pinto bean mash and American cheese

the baja V

Spinach tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, sweet onion, mushrooms and white cheddar cheese

Brioche French Toast V

brioche bread dipped in egg batter, dusted with cinnamon and sugar, griddled to perfection and served with maple syrup and butter $5.95 per person

Oatmeal Bar V GF

steel cut old-fashioned oatmeal with brown sugar, dried cranberries, raisins, roasted pecans, walnuts and dairy cream $7.50 per person

Omelet with Fine Herbs & Cheese

3 farm eggs ,  fine herbs and cheese $8.00 per person 

Veggie Omelette 

With Ratatouille , Spinacj & Goat cheese $8.50 per person

Farm-Fresh Scrambled Eggs V GF

$4.95 per person

quiche Lorraine

Cups a creamy egg custard blended with hickory smoked bacon, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese baked in an individual shell $7.50 per person

All American Breakfast*

scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries and sliced fruit $13.95 per person

tortilla española GF

a savory tortilla egg dish baked with potatoes $35.00 each


10 inch pies, serves 8 Early Bird breakfast sausage, sweet fennel, zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms and buffalo mozzarella in a flaky pie crust $30.50 each

The Classic the original quiche Lorraine

with roasted sweet onions, crisp crumbled bacon and Gruyere cheese in a flaky pie crust $30.50 each

The Shroom V

wild mushrooms, spinach and fontina cheese in a flaky pie crust $29.50 each

Breakfast à la Carte

served room temperature, 8-person minimum

Gourmet Bagel Platter V

with plain cream cheese, cream cheese jardinière, butter and fruit preserves $3.25 per person

smoked salmon platter

sliced, smoked Norwegian salmon served with bagels, plain and vegetable cream cheese, sweet red onions, capers and vine ripened tomatoes $14.75 per person

European morning

hard boiled eggs, sliced sopressata, Virginia cured ham, brie cheese, sliced tomato and fig jam with walnut date bread and French bread toasts $8.95 per person

Orchard’s Harvest V GF

a selection of sliced cantaloupe, honeydew melon, papaya, pineapple, mango, ruby red grapefruit, navel orange and assorted berries $4.50 per person

Berry Delicious V GF

mixed California berries garnished with fresh mint, served with citrus-yogurt sauce $5.75 per person

Fruit Salad V GF

the freshest seasonal fruits the market has to offer, served with a lemon-poppy seed yogurt sauce $4.25 per person | $3.95 per skewe

yogurt parfaits

$3.95 each Cherry Blossom parfait V GF sour cherry compote, non-fat vanilla yogurt and fresh berries Peach Raspberry parfait V GF raspberry coulis and poached peaches in non-fat vanilla yogurt retro split parfait V GF strawberry puree, ripe banana salsa, non-fat vanilla yogurt and a touch of semisweet chocolate Crunch parfait V GF honey flavored non-fat yogurt, homemade granola and seasonal stone fruits

Streets of Paris

an assortment of specialty croissants to include: smoked ham and Emmenthaler cheese, ultimate chocolate and flaky almond $3.95 each

Morning Glory V

a daily variety of freshly baked breakfast pastries to include: almond marzipan, butter croissants, apple turnovers, fruit danish and coffee cake slices served with butter and fruit preserves $6.25 per person

Our Signature Coffee Cakes V

including: cinnamon apple with golden raisins, cinnamon Russian bread, banana walnut and lemon-poppy seed $20.00 each, serves 8-10 guests

Doughnuts V

an assortment of doughnuts 24-hour notice required $24.50 per dozen Muffin Basket V assorted freshly baked large muffins to include: blueberry streusel, chocolate orange, Southern-style carrot bran $3.50 per person $2.00 per person

mini  Beignets V

French beignets filled with raspberry preserves and fresh orange curd $7.95 per dozen

healthy start V GF

quinoa salad with assorted berries, shaved coconut and slivered almonds with maple-walnut dressing $4.95 per person individual

yogurts V GF

an assortment of premium non-fat yogurts $2.95 each | Greek Yogurt $3.25

Rose Veranda V

English scones, raspberry thumbprints, shortbread, honey and almond cake with clotted cream, preserves and butter $3.95 per person

The all-American Sandwich

Sandwich Combinations 8-person minimum, gluten-free bread available

Virginia Deli traditional

deli-style platter of shaved roast beef, smoked turkey breast, smoked ham, Swiss and yellow cheddar cheeses served with red bliss potato salad, coleslaw, deli pickles, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, mayonnaise, mustard and horseradish cream

· assorted sliced breads and rolls

· potato chips

· homemade cookies and brownies $15.95 per person Brown Bagged Lunch half a sandwich, chips and a cookie and brownie $9.95 per person

Deli Double

sliced meats to include: turkey, roast beef, sugar-cured ham, grilled chicken, prosciutto di San Daniele and turkey pastrami

· cheeses to include havarti and cheddar

· accompanied by roma tomatoes, avocado and romaine lettuce with pesto spread, guacamole, sun-dried tomato mayonnaise and jalapeño mustard

· croissants, pumpernickel and sevengrain breads

· sliced seasonal fruit · homemade cookies and brownies $16.95 per person


Sandwich Buffet an assortment

sandwiches and wraps, choice of side salads, homemade cookies and brownies Choose from below: 

.Caesar salad

· garden salad

· sweet corn salad

· farmer’s slaw

· sunset spa pasta salad

· picnic potato salad

· Greek orzo salad $14.50 per person